Here we go agian,,,,

Well Haji is back in Houston.
I'll be processing to go back to Afdirtistan the 5-10 of Aug.
Couldn't find a good job back home so its back...
Well at least I'll be able to keep up with all my on-line friends...

Quick Note

I've been home for about a month now. Resting and eating the most bland food imaginable. I'll see the cardiologist next week and get my meds adjusted.
Maybe I'll have more energy then. They're keeping my blood pressure pretty low.
Other than that...I'm fine.
It has been SO GOOD re-adjusting to the family.
Life is good.

new AND improved

Well its been 25 months and I'm finally leaving Afghanistan.
But NOT in the way I ever intended.
I was medically evacuated to Germany over the Memorial Day weekend because I had a heart attack. I'm not over weight, I don't smoke...but I did have a vein in my heart 95% blocked.
But alls well that ends well and I'm going home...ALIVE.
Many thanks to the good (good) people of the US Air Force to everyone who sped me on my way. I cannot thank you all enough.

Tot Ziens.


I work for a company that does not permit blogging due to operational and security concerns.
I work in Afghanistan.
I live in harms way.
I go back to USA occasionally.
Feel free to comment.
I may/may not get back to you.

Have a nice life.